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Slurry Wall Construction Resumes and Conveyor Assemblage Continues

May 5, 2022

Slurry wall construction has restarted and construction of the conveyor continues.

Slurry wall construction has restarted. The white bags on the site contain bentonite, a clay that is mixed with gravel and local soils to form the slurry wall. The slurry wall consists of a 3-foot wide trench that minimizes the flow of water into or out of the mine cell and will retain water when the site is reclaimed as water reservoirs. Slurry wall completion is anticipated for August 2022.

Construction of the conveyor continues. To preserve free flow of traffic, the conveyor will not cross roadways at-grade. Instead, the conveyor will go under or over these access points. The picture below shows an overpass the conveyor will use at 168th Street.

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